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Environmental Economics


This course teaches the basics of environmental and resource economics based on allocation theory. The central insight is that environmental problems can in many cases be understood as problems of the efficient allocation of scarce environmental resources. Especially with regard to the current environmental debate, we will enable students to evaluate proposed solutions to environmental problems from an economic point of view. After a basic microeconomic introduction, we will discuss possible environmental policy instruments aiming to address market failures. Using the example of current climate policy, we will emphasize the connection between environmental and resource economics. In our tutorials, we will deepen the acquired knowledge and practice its application in the economic analysis of current environmental policy issues.

Registration: Campus Management

Language: English

Exam: 2h sit-in exam with theoretical tasks (pen-and-paper) and written essay (digital)

Literature: We will provide a comprehensive lecture script in English.

Contact: t.guenther@fu-berlin.de, s.miltner@fu-berlin.de