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Behavioral Economics

(SoSe 2019)

Title: Behavioral Economics (SS 19)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter N.C. Mohr

Course Description: The course is split in two parts, (a) lectures and (b) group work. During the lectures I will teach you basic economic concepts of individual decision making. I will present you the normative benchmarks (i.e. expected utility theory, discounted utility model, nash equilibrium) as well as behavioral findings that challenge these models and alternative theories/models that are better able to explain these behavioral findings.

In the second part of this course you are supposed to work in small groups. Each group will get a random behavioral economics phenomenon as a topic. The goal is to design simple experiments/questionnaires. These can be either be combined to one big experiment/questionnaire and conducted via unipark.de or conducted by each group separately. After the data collection you are supposed to analyze your data and present your findings to the participants of the course.

After the course you are supposed to individually write a paper about your topic/data.

Grade: Group presentation (50%) and individual paper (50%)

Please note: Space is limited to 24 students. Please apply for a place by sending a letter of motivation (max 1 page) and an overview over your grades until 12.04.19 to the lecturer (peter.mohr(a)neuroeconomics-lab.de).