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Global Economic Hierarchies (S1)

(WiSe 2017/18)

This course aims to discuss the economic hierarchies of the world, focusing on their main causes and consequences. It is divided in three parts: 1) The International Division of Labour (IDL): colonialism and the historical constitution of the IDL; the criticism of the IDL made by the UN-ECLAC (the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribean); World System Theories; China and the “New-IDL”. 2) The International Monetary System (IMS) hierarchy: the current configuration of the IMS; the privileges and/or problems associated to the international usage of the national currencies; the implications of the IMS hierarchy over the exchange rate, the interest rate and the economic policy; the perspectives for the IMS. 3) Global economic hierarchies symptoms: inequalities and a constructed poverty; international immigration.

The course consists of two parts: S1, 104108a (2h) and S2, 104109a (1h)

The course will begin on Oct. 26th