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Aktuelle Forschungsfragen der Statistik

Modul: Aktuelle Forschungsfragen der Statistik

Kurs: Applied survey research with the data of the SOEP

In this course, students replicate and extend existing studies based on the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP). For this purpose, students get an introduction to the SOEP and to working with Stata. The course covers also the sampling design, the handling of item and unit non-response as well as the construction and use of survey weights in the SOEP. Students will solve several exercises to improve their Stata skills. Students with good previous knowledge in other statistical software packages (e.g., R, Python) can also work with these programs.

Learning objectives:

  • Conducting an empirical analysis using individual micro-data 
  • Overview of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)
  • Improving skills in applied survey statistics (including sampling design, survey weights, and the handling of item and unit non-response)
  • Extending your knowledge of statistical software
  • Presentation of a journal article based on individual micro-data 
  • Replication and extension of an empirical study


Introduction Friday 29.4.2022 12 - 14 h K II (Henry-Ford-Bau
Block I Friday 13.5.2022 9 - 17 h PC-Pool 1
Block II Friday 10.6.2022 9 - 17 h PC-Pool 1
Block III Friday 24.6.2022 9 - 17 h Room K005
Block IV Friday 1.7.2022 9 - 17 h Room K005

Recognition: Master Economics, Public Economics, Statistics

Entry requirements: Statistics I and II (or equivalent)

Enrollment: Registration via Campus Management of Freie Universität Berlin. Registration in Blackboard of Freie Universität necessary for access to course materials.

Examination: Presentation and term paper

Language: English

Contact: ls-angewandte-statistik@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de