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Seminar Geldpolitik

The seminar will introduce participants to a wide range of important and topical issues in monetary economics. Participants will explore and discuss topics such as central bank communication, the Stability and Growth Pact and the impact of differing transmission mechanisms in Europe. Students are expected to deliver a seminar paper (in English) and participate in the general discussion (in English or, if helpful, in German).

(SoSe 2008)

Maximale Teilnehmerzahl20


Skills in monetary economics (for instance, classes visited) will be taken into account. A maximum of 20 students will participate.


  • Preliminary meeting at14th of April 2008 (16h-18h):General introduction; discussion of proceedings; introduction to topics.
  • 1. Block at 21st of April 2008 (14h-18h) : Students have to make a final decision about mandatory registration (verbindliche Anmeldung). The block provides (1) a short introduction to scientific writing and (2) a short introduction to monetary policy. When registered students will be informed of their topic for the seminar paper as soon as possible.
  • Deadline at 16th of June 2008: Students hand in their final seminar papers (this deadline is mandatory, i.e. please make sure you meet this deadline!).
  • 2. Blockat 23rd of June 2008 (full day event): Seminar presentations and discussion. In case of a large number of seminar participants this block continues on 30th of June 2008.

Rooms: 107a, Garystraße

Please check the website of the Chair for Monetary Economics for detailed information on the course.