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International Macroeconomics - An American Perspective

(SoSe 2012)

Irwin Collier / Moritz Schularick

John-F.-Kennedy Institute

Department of Economics


Summer 2012 (4 SWS)

Tuesdays: 14-16, JFKI, Room 201

Thursdays: 14-16, JFKI, Room 201


GV/Ü: International Macroeconomics

HS/V: International Macroeconomics – Case Studies

This course covers key issues and policy debates in international economics. The first half of the course will be dedicated to topics in international macroeconomics (international monetary system, exchange rate regimes, etc.) while the second half will address international trade. Particular emphasis will be placed on the international role of the US economy, global imbalances and international trade policy. The class combines a 2-hour lecture module on Tuesdays, followed by a 2-hour seminar session on Thursdays during which we will discuss case studies and/or policy applications. Attendance of both classes is mandatory.


Course requirements: the requirements are active participation, biweekly 1-page response papers to the required readings (due on Thursdays) and a take home exam in the form of a 1500- word essay or a problem set. The first must be handed in by June 1st and the second is due on July 13th. Format and content of the essay/problem-set will be announced two weeks prior to the due date. The seminar will be taught in English. Homework and essays can be written in German or English. Ability and willingness to read English texts is essential in any case. Texts will be made available on Blackboard.


Registration: students wishing to participate in this seminar need to register early with the department of economics (R 232, Tel. 838 536 03, economics@jfki.fu-berlin.de). If interest exceeds capacity, a preliminary assessment will determine who can participate. All students absolutely need to attend the first session. An electronic copy of all written course work must be send to econarchive@jfki.fu-berlin.de to be considered fulfilment of the course requirements.