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International Economics, Area Studies and Comparative Development (S1)

(WiSe 2017/18)

Theme and organization:

This course covers a wide range of topics related to the overall theme of International
Economics, Area Studies and Comparative Development. It consists of a first part (S1, 1h) in
which students will present and discuss papers, and a second part (S2, 2h) with lectures, given
mostly by invited guest speakers. In the first part, students will prepare the lecture of the second
part by discussing a corresponding paper.


Research Paper (75%) and presentation (25%)
Students are expected to read and prepare one paper weekly. Furthermore, each student will
present and critically discuss one paper in one session of S1. Presentation dates will be
coordinated in the introductory session on 16th October. After the semester, students will write a
research paper about a topic related to the course themes.