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International Public Economics

(SoSe 2023)

In International Public Economics we offer a lecture (4 SWS for six weeks) with an accompanying tutorial (4 SWS for six to seven weeks). It aims at graduate students from the Masters in Economics, Public Economics and FACTS. Doctoral students are welcome to participate as well.

Main topics include the analysis of international public good provision, tariffs, tariff unions and trade wars, strategic trade policy as well as problems of tax coordination and competition in an internationally intertwined economy with mobile capital.


  • Master Economics, Schwerpunktbereich Volkswirtschaftspolitik (6LP)
  • Master Public Economics, Core (6LP)

Entry requirements: none. We presume a solid understanding of microeconomic theory, e.g. game theory.

Registration: Campus Management

Exan: written exam in June (120 min.)

Teaching language: English

Contact: t.guenther@fu-berlin.de