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Application & Admission

While we offer many courses in English, some of the mandatory courses in Public Economics will be held in German. Many courses of our program are designed to answer public policy questions that may be unique to the German institutional setting.

It is therefore required that you are proficient in German to be admitted. For further information regarding the German proficiency requirements, please click here.

If the credit points from your previous education (e.g. Bachelor) are not sufficient to meet our admission requirements, there is still a way for you to get into our program. We accept additional credits outside of your original study program if, and only if:

  • the additional credits are awarded for courses that are part of an accredited study program.
  • all additional courses are finished before the application deadline.

We do not accept any credits that you might get in the future for completing courses in which you are currently enrolled, but have not passed yet.

Freie Universität Berlin provides admission notices and notices of rejection as pdf documents via the application portal for the following procedures after the selection procedures have been completed.

Please see this webpage for further information about when you can expect a decision.