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Important Information : Research semester Prof. Flickinger winter term 23/24

News from Apr 20, 2023

Prof. Flickinger will be taking a research semester during winter term 23/24.  

With regard to classes and other teaching-related activities, this will mean:

  • “Management- A problem-oriented introduction” will take place regularly during the winter term 23/24 and be taught by a substitute teacher.  
  • “Organisationsforschung”, however, will not take place in the winter term 23/24.  

    If you had planned to take this class, please participate either this semester (registration deadline open until Friday, 21st April) or in the summer term 24. More information about the registration: https://www.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/kvv/bachelor/bwl/forschungsseminar-organisation/10114501_SoSe23.html  
  • There will be no supervision of Bachelortheses in the winter term 23/24. 
  • We will not be available for reference letters or anything similar during winter term 23/24.  

    Thank you for your understanding
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