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The Business Administration program, which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in six semesters, begins each fall semester and offers a broad overview of the sub-disciplines of business administration with a strong theoretical and practical orientation.

In the first phase, the program is characterized by a broad range of fundamental courses in the areas of business administration, economics, and law. In the second phase, you can choose three areas of specialization from a variety of options and develop a profile. Each specialization area includes a wide range of different elective courses or modules.

The program teaches you the ability to work and think scientifically and familiarizes you with the essential concepts of business administration, allowing you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various theories and apply them in practice.

The study area General Professional Preparation (ABV) offers modules designed to the acquisition of practice-related skills. The aim is to provide graduates with interdisciplinary qualifications for increasingly complex academic job markets. You can also complete an internship to supplement your practical experience.

Studying business administration prepares you to take on a variety of roles within national and international companies, as well as other types of organizations (e.g. trade unions, hospitals, public administrations and non-governmental organizations). In small and medium-sized companies, you can join as a management trainee; in large companies, you will first have to participate in a trainee program after graduation. Management consultancies, tax consultancies and auditing companies, but above all educational and research institutions will often only be accessible to you with a relevant master's degree. Self-employment or starting a business (e.g. with the help of Profund Innovation) are also possible career paths.

After successful completion, you can also continue your studies and obtain a master's degree. To do so, apply for one of our advanced, specialized master's programs in business administration. Find out more here. Of course, you can also apply for a variety of German and international master's degree programs with the degree you have earned.