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As soon as you have completed all of your modules and they have been processed
in Campus Management 
you can apply for your degree.

Please fill out the graduation application form and submit it by email to the
Examination Office (pruefungsbuero@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de).

If you are studying according to the SPO 2017, you have to submit the application
for conversion to an undifferentiated assessment form
 together with the graduation
application form. Subsequent submission is not possible.

Please note that without the application for graduation, no transcript of records
will be issued.

As soon as your graduation documents have been prepared and signed, you will
be informed by email, including information where and when you can pick them up.

If you are unable to pick up your documents in person, you have the option of:

- authorizing a person of your confidence in writing (informally) to do so,
- sending 6.25 EUR in stamps to the Examination Office.

The Student Records and Registration Office of Freie Universität is responsible for de-registration.

Date of graduation documents

In order to be able to issue the graduation documents (certificate, diploma supplement),
the application form for graduation (see above) must be submitted. This must be done within
8 weeks after the last examination has been posted in Campus Management.
In this case, the graduation date on the mentioned documents is the day of the last
examination performance.

For students who submit the application for graduation later than 8 weeks after entry
the last examination performance in Campus Management, the official graduation date is 
the date of receipt of the application for graduation in the Examination Office.