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Bachelor of Science in Economics

The Bachelor of Science in Economics



The degree program toward the Bachelor of Science in Economics is a six-semester interdisciplinary study program that enables you to obtain a solid education in economics across all of the sub-disciplines in this field while also maintaining a strong focus on real-world practice. The bachelor’s degree program in economics replaced the old program toward the degree of Diplom in the 2006/07 winter semester. This change of systems has been highly successful, since the reduction in the regular study period and the stronger focus on real-world practice have been embraced by many students.

The first part of the program toward the Bachelor of Science in Economics covers a broad range of fundamental course offerings in the fields of economics, business administration, and law. During the second half of the program, you can choose to concentrate on one of the three elective areas offered. You are free to choose between Financial and Economic Policy, Economic Theory, and Quantitative Methods, with each area encompassing a broad range of different modules.

The program teaches students how to work and think academically and familiarizes them with the essential concepts in economics. As a student, you will be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these theories and apply them in practice. This will allow you to take on a number of different tasks within German and international enterprises and institutions. The traditional employers of graduates with degrees in economics include German and international organizations, administrative bodies, financial institutions, associations, professional bodies, trade unions, and media outlets.

To supplement the portion of your study program that focuses on real-world practice, the bachelor’s degree program includes a required internship. You can also gain key skills through general professional skills courses (Allgemeine Berufsvorbereitung, abbreviated ABV) specifically designed for this purpose.

Program graduates are able to embark on a career right away or to continue their studies toward a master’s degree. The bachelor’s degree program offers ideal preparation for our advanced master’s degree programs in the field of economics at the School of Business and Economics. These programs are:

Master of Economics

Master of Public Economics

Naturally, graduates can also apply for a large number of other master’s degree programs, both within Germany and internationally. 

Informational Brochure on the Bachelor's Degree Program in Economics