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Master of Science in Economics

School of Business and Economics

School of Business and Economics
Image Credit: Svenja Miltner & Tom Günther

Our master’s degree program provides you with a solid foundation in economics while also giving you plenty of breadth to pursue your own interests in your studies. Along with gaining advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge in line the latest international research, students in the degree program acquire key qualifications and transferable skills that enable them to independently carry out academic work and communication, critically assess research findings, and engage in responsible conduct. Graduates of the master’s degree program have the requisite skills to produce research contributions in specific subject areas as well as to develop appropriate solutions to complex problems in applied fields of economics. The program also provides an excellent preparation for a Ph.D. in Economics (see also PhD Fast Track Option).

The master’s degree program in Economics consists of required modules, a wide range of required electives, and a master’s thesis that forms a capstone to your studies (for a detailed description see also Program Structure).

The program is designed for high-achieving students interested in an in-depth scientific education in economics (for information on application and admission requirements, see Application).

Graduates of the master’s program are particularly well qualified for a leading, planning, analyzing, or consulting profession in sectors related to economics, including national and international organizations, companies, public administrations, associations, chambers, universities and other scientific institutions.

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