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News vom 02.05.2023

Workshop in cooperation with Wesleyan University
June 2-4, 2023

The damage to ecosystems and populations across the world caused by the climate crisis is undoubtedly the most urgent policy issue of the day. Governments across the world are taking steps towards becoming low-carbon economies, reducing the environmental cost of economic growth, and incorporating climate-related risks into discussions of socio-economic vulnerability. More research is needed, however, to take stock and to compare how they are going about taking those steps, what factors shape the choice of policies, and their respective levels of success. Although international climate summits and agreements provide a platform for nations to unite around common objectives, substantial variations exist in how governments involve themselves in the greening of the economy. The politics of green economy initiatives tends to be fraught with ideological divisions, competing interests, and institutional complexities.

The workshop will bring together scholars who are actively thinking and researching about these questions to share theoretical insights, research strategies, and emerging findings. 

Details to follow.

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Social-Economic Review
British Journal of Industrial Relations
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
Organized Creativity