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Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow

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Department of Management - Chair for Inter-firm Cooperation


Boltzmannstr. 20
Room 225
14195 Berlin

Academic Background (CV)

Academic Education

1973-1979 Graduate and postgraduate studies of Business Administration at Freie Universität Berlin (Dipl.-Kfm.) and of Management Science at Imperial College of Science & Technology London (M.Sc.).

1979-1985 Research assistant/lecturer at the Department of Management, Freie Universität Berlin; 1985 Doctorate with a thesis on office automation and the scope of organizational choice (Dr. rer. pol.).

1985-1988 Organizational consultant in the business unit "Communication and Information Technology" of Siemens AG, Berlin and Munich.

1988-1991 Assistant Professor at the Department of Management, Freie Universität Berlin; 1991 habilitation with a thesis on strategic networks.

1991-1995 Professor of Business Administration at Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany, Chair for "Planning and Organization"

Since October 1995 Professor of Management at the Freie Universität of Berlin, Chair for Inter-firm Cooperation

Academic Positions

Member of the Board of the German Industrial Relations Association (GIRA), 2001-2005, chairman 2002-2004
Member of the scientific advisory board of the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte (GUG), 2003-2012 and again since 2014

Chairman of the scientific advisory board of Kompetenznetze Deutschland, a network-ing initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi), 2004-2012

Member of the advisory board of the Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut (SOFI), University of Göttingen, 2005-2015
Head of Department (1998-2000) and Dean (2007-2009) and Vice Dean for Research (2010-2012), all at the School of Business & Economics of Freie Universität Berlin

Director of the DFG Research Training Group “Research on Organizational Paths” (2004-2008) then Deputy Director (2009-2014)

Member of the scientific advisory board of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projekt-management (GPM), the German Chapter of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) (since 2007)

Member of DFG Fachkolleg 122 (grant commission business studies and economics of the German Research Foundation; www.dfg.de), 2008-2012

Member of the Excellence Council of the Freie Universität Berlin, since 2010

Member of the advisory board of the Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, 2010-2017

Member of the advisory board of the DFG Research Training Group “Resource Efficiency in Corporate Networks”, University of Göttingen, since 2012

Academic Director of the DFG Research Unit “Organized Creativity” since 2016

Research Grants, Awards and Visiting Positions

Numerous research grants awarded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi, now BME), Federal Ministry of Traffic (BMV), the State of North-Rhine-Westfalia, the Hans-Böckler-Foundation (HBS), the Berlin Senate for Economic Affairs, the International Labour Office (ILO), the Advanced Institute of Management

(AIM) Research, the Bertelsmann-Foundation, Volkswagen-Foundation, and some private companies.

Awards include Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice Reviewer Award 2005, Journal of Management Scholarly Impact Award 2012, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2011, 2012 and 2015, PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award 2016, Outstanding Reviewer Award Academy of Management Journal 2016, EGOS Best Paper Award 2016, and BCERC Best Paper Award 2017, Global Research Award der International Project Management Association (IPMA) 2018 (with T. Braun).

Visiting positions at Department of Management of Bentley College, Waltham, Mass., U.S.A. (1996-1997), at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna (1996) and University of Innsbruck (1997), both Austria, at University of Arizona, U.S.A. (2004), Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research, London (2006-2008), University of Strathclyde’s Graduate Business School (2008-2017), Australian School of Business (ASB) of the University of New South Wales (2009), Columbia University in New York City (2013), and Said Business School, Oxford University, as well as Waseda University, Tokyo (both 2017).

Research Interests and Editorships

Organization and information technology, strategic partnering, outsourcing, inter-firm networks in the service, media science-based industries, regional clusters, industrial relations, innovation and project management, organization and management theory, research on uncertainty and catastrophes.

Founding co-editor of Managementforschung (1991-2018) as well as of Industrielle Beziehungen – The German Journal of Industrial Relations (1994-2012).

Member of the editorial advisory or review boards of Organization Studies (since 2002-2018), Organization Science (1998-2016), Academy of Management Review (since 2010), Academy of Management Journal (since 2013), Scandinavian Journal of Management (since 2003), Business Research (since 2007), Journal of Trust Research (since 2011), Journal of Management Studies (since 2015), International Journal of Project Management (since 2016), and Management and Organization Review (since 2016).

Senior Editor of Organization Studies (since 2018)

Membership in Professional Associations

Hochschullehrerverband für Betriebswirtschaftslehre (VHB), Academy of Management (AOM), British Academy of Management (BAM), European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS), German Industrial Relations Association (GIRA), International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA).

Recent Publications in English (since 2009)

A. Books and Special Issues

DeFillippi, R.J./Michelfelder, I./Pyke, J./Steen,J./Sydow, J. (Hrsg.)(2018): Projects and Networks. Special Issue Project Management Journal 49 (2). PMI. Newtown Square, PA
Bakker, R./DeFillippi, R.J./Schwab, A./Sydow, J. (2016)(Eds.): Temporary Organizing. Special Issue Organization Studies 37 (12). Sage. London.
Sydow, J./Schüßler, E./Müller-Seitz, G. (2016): Managing Inter-organizational Relations – Debates and Cases. Palgrave-Macmillan. London.
Lundin, R./Arvidsson, N./Brady, T./Eksted, E./Midler, C./Sydow, J. (2015): Managing and Working in Project Society – Institutional Challenges of Temporary Organizations. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.
Sydow, J./ Schreyögg, G. (2013)(Eds): Self-reinforcing Processes in and among Organizations. Palgrave-Macmillan. London.
Fichter, M./Sydow, J. (2013)(Eds.): Temporary Organization and Workers’ Representation. Special Issue Industrielle Beziehungen – The German Journal of Industrial Relations 20 (2). Hampp. München und Mering.
Schreyögg, G./Sydow, J. (2010)(eds.): The Hidden Dynamics of Path Dependence. Palgrave-Macmillan. London.

B. Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Braun, T./Ferreira, A./Schmidt, T./Sydow, J. (2018): Another post-heroic view on entre-preneurship: The role of employees in networking the start-up process. British Journal of Management 29 (in print).
Auschra, C./Braun, T./Schmidt, T./Sydow, J. (2018): Patterns of project-based organizing in new venture creation: Projectification of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business 11 (in print).
Helfen, M./Schüßler, E./Sydow, J. (2018): How can employment relations in global value networks be managed towards social responsibility. Human Relations 71 (in print).
Sydow, J. (2018): From dualisms to dualities: On researching creative processes in the arts and sciences. Environment and Planning A 50 (in print).
Fortwengel, J./Sydow, J. (2018): When many Davids collaborate with one Goliath: How inter-organizational networks (fail to) manage size differences. British Journal of Management 29 (in print).

Sydow, J./Müller-Seitz, G. (2018): Open innovation at the interorganizational network level – Stretching practices to face technological discontinuities in the semiconductor industry. Technological Forcasting and Social Change 134 (in print).

Schmidt, T./Braun, T./Sydow, J. (2018): Copying routines for new venture creation: How replication can support entrepreneurial innovation. Research in Sociology of Organiza-tions 56 (in print).
Yakimova, R./Owens, M./Sydow J. (2018): Formal control influence on franchisee trust and brand-supportive behavior within franchise networks. Industrial Marketing Management 74 (in print).
Steen, J./DeFillippi, R./Sydow, J./Pyke, J./Michelfelder, I. (2018): Projects and networks: Understanding resource flows and governance of temporary organizations with quanti-tative and qualitative research methods. Project Management Journal 49 (2): 3-17.
Sydow, J./Braun, T. (2018): Projects as temporary organizations: An agenda for further theorizing the interorganizational dimension. International Journal of Project Manage-ment 36: 4-11.
Wilhelm, M./Sydow, J. (2018): Managing coopetition in supplier networks – A paradox perspective. Journal of Supply Chain Management 54 (3): 22-41.
Grabher, G./Melchior, A./Schiemer, B./Schüßler, E./Sydow, J. (2018): From being there to being aware. Confronting geographical and sociological imaginations of copresence. Environment and Planning A 50 (1): 245-255.
Ortmann, G./Sydow, J. (2018): Dancing in chains: Creative practices in/of organizations. Organization Studies 39 (7): 899-921.
Berthod, O./Grothe-Hammer, M./Müller-Seitz, G./Raab, J./Sydow, J. (2017): From high-reliability organizations to high-reliability networks: The dynamics of network governance in the face of emergency. Journal of Public Administration Theory 27 (2): 352-371.
Berthod, O./Grothe-Hammer, M./Sydow, J. (2017): Network ethnography: A mixed-method approach for the study of practices in interorganizational settings. Organizational Research Methods 20 (2): 299-323.
Fortwengel, J./Schüßler, E./Sydow, J. (2017): Studying organizational creativity as process: Fluidity or duality? Creativity and Innovation Management 26 (1): 5-16.
Bakker, R./DeFillippi, R.J./Schwab, A./Sydow, J. (2016): Temporary organizing: Promises, processes, problems. Organization Studies 37 (12): 1703-1719.
DeFillippi, R.J./Sydow, J. (2016): Project networks – Governance choices and paradoxical tensions. Project Management Journal 47 (5): 6-17.
Berthod, O./Grothe-Hammer, M./Sydow, J. (2015): Some characteristics of high-reliability networks. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 23 (1): 24-28.

Schreyögg, G./Sydow, J./Holtmann, P. (2011): How history matters in organizations – The case of path dependence. Management & Organization History 6 (1): 81-100.
Fichter, M./Helfen, M./Sydow, J. (2011): Employment Relations in Global Production Networks – Initiating Transfer of Practices via Union Involvement. Human Relations 63 (4): 599-624.
Schreyögg, G./Sydow, J. (2011): Organisational path dependence: A process view. Organization Studies 32 (3): 321-335.
Manning, S./Sydow, J. (2011): Projects, paths, practices: Sustaining and leveraging project-based relationships. Industrial & Corporate Change 20 (5): 1369-1402.
Schreyögg, G./Sydow, J. (2010): Organizing for Fluidity? On the Dilemmas of New Organizational Forms. Organization Science 21 (6): 1251-1262.
Hibbert, P./Huxham, C./Lerch, F.-Sydow, J. (2010): Barriers to Process Learning: Authority and Anomie in Regional Clusters. Management Learning 41 (4): 453-471.
Sydow, J./Windeler, A./Wirth, C./Staber, U. (2010): Foreign Market Entry as Network Entry: A Relational-Structuration Perspective on Internationalization in Television Content Production. Scandinavian Journal of Management 26 (1):13-24.
Sydow, J./Lerch, F./Staber, U. (2010): Planning for Path Dependence? The Case of a Network in the Berlin-Brandenburg Optics Cluster. Economic Geography 86 (2): 173-195.
Sydow, J./Schreyögg, G./Koch, J. (2009): Organizational Path Dependence: Opening the Black Box. Academy of Management Review 34 (4): 689-709.

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