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  • Lisa Basten: Projektarbeit in Deutschland. Kreative Zukunft oder hochqualifiziertes Prekariat?

Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

  • Philipp A. Thompson: 2022. The Financialization of Nonfinancial Firms.
  • Dr. Johann Fortwengel: 2014. Practice Transfer across Institutional Distance:  Deal with Path Dependence During the Transfer of Apprenticeship Training from Germany to the U.S.
  • Dr. Dennis Klink. 2015. The Effectiveness of CSR Standards in Global Supply Chains: Institutional Limits to Business Self-Regulation in the Banana Industry.
  • Dr. Tim Müllenborn. 2015. Der Einfluss von Arbeitnehmern im Aufsichtsrat auf die Vorstandsvergütung: Eine institutionelle Perspektive.
  • Dr. Nikolas Rathert. 2015. Why and How Firms Address Stakeholder Issues: Institutional and Organizational Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Adoption.
  • Dr. Nora Lohmeyer. 2016. Die gesellschaftliche Konstruktion des ‚Business Case for CSR‘. Zur Entwicklung und Stabilisierung instrumenteller Motive im deutschen Diskurs unternehmerischer Verantwortung.
  • Dr. Julia Bartosch. 2018. Essays on the Governance of Corporate Responsibility and Irresponsibility.
  • Dr. Angela Leggett. 2019. Corporate Monitoring by Chinese environmental NGOs and Firm Responses: Exploring Convergent and Divergent Behaviors in Emerging Institutional Terrain – A Comparative Case Study of Three Industry Fields.
  • Dr. Giulia Zennaro. 2019. Change in the Institutional Field: Private Art Museums in China, 2005-2014.
  • Dr. Henni Appell. 2020. Persistence or Change? Tracing the Path of Trade Union Europeanization.
  • Dr. Tobias Theel. 2020. Organizing Creative Collaborations in the Popular Music Industry.
  • Dr. Lukas Vogelgsang. 2020. Organizing Emergence: Essays on the Governance of Collaborative Creative Processes in Pharmaceutical Development. 
  • Dr. Ran Cheng: 2021. Bringing the Firm Back to the Minimum Wage Study: Wage Effect of Minimum Wage in China from an Institutional and Organisational Perspective
  • Dr. Kyong Yong Francis Yoon: 2021. Are High-Skilled Workers Core Human Resources? Korean Firms' Skill-Employment Strategies since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
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British Journal of Industrial Relations
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
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