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Seminar course offered in winter semester 2024/25

News vom 05.06.2024

10160911 + 10160951
Case Studies in Third Sector Management (Fallstudien zum Management)

Dr. Sumrin Kalia
Tuesday 10-13:00, first class on Tuesday 22 October 2024
Block seminar on 10. + 17.12. from 10-17:00
English Language


Please register by October 14 by sending an email to sumrin.kalia@fu-berlin.de .
You will be informed a few days after the deadline whether you have received a place.
Attendance required. The students will write a research paper and do group presentations.

Voluntary and non-profit sector organisations play a crucial role in modern market-based democracies. Lying in between the state and the market, these organizations provide remedies to social problems, while also influencing behaviours of markets and governments. This seminar will introduce students with the challenges for the societal role and sustainability of civil society organisations in different fields, such as arts and culture, social services, and sustainability. It will deal with the theoretical function and contribution of such organisations, and also the practical challenges of management, governance, and accountability.


Research paper:
Given their not-for-profit and socially driven nature, organizations in the third sector have different management challenges. Seminar papers will use one third-sector organization, as a case study to discuss a specific and relevant management related issue such as cost, quality control, human resources etc. The paper should be centred around at least one specific management concept and describe how the chosen case-study illustrates that concept. The seminar paper should be written individually and be 5.000 words long (+/-500).




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Social-Economic Review
British Journal of Industrial Relations
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
Organized Creativity