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Vorträge Corporate Governance & Accountability


12.07.2022: Tanusree Jain (Copenhagen Business School):A Governance Perspective to Corporate Irresponsibility

22.04.2022: Aneesh Raghunandan (London School of Economics): Gender Pay Gap Misreporting

18.02.2022: Carsten Momsen (FU Berlin) & Jacqueline E. Ross (University of Illinois College of Law): Hinweisgeber und ihre Anwälte als Ermittler – ein Vergleich der Rolle des Whistleblowings im deutschen und amerikanischen Recht


08.06.2021: Max Braun (FU Berlin):A Meta-Analysis on Corporate Wrongdoing

29.04.2021: Jana Möller (FU Berlin) & Ilias Danatzis (King’s College London): Stopping the Spread: The Role of Blame Attributions and Service Provider Measures in Curbing C2C Misbehavior Contagion


18.11.2020: Vera Shikhelman (Haifa University): Self Representation in Israeli Traffic Courts

10.01.2020: Nitzan Shilon (Peking University): Opportunistic Stock Buybacks as an Executive Compensation Problem


12.12.2019: Shay Lavie (Tel Aviv University): Those Who Tan and Those Who Don’t: A Natural Experiment on Colorism

29.10.2019: Stoyan Sgoure (ESSEC Paris) & Erik Aadland (BI School of Management Oslo): Burning the bridges: Authenticity, innovation and transgression in Norwegian black metal 

03.05.2019: Amir Amel-Zadeh (Oxford University): The Link between Sustainability and Shareholder Value and its Implications for Corporate Reporting: Evidence from the Field


19.10.2018: Annalisa Prencipe (Bocconi Mailand): What’s in a Name? Eponymous Private Firms and Financial Reporting Quality

10.07.2018: Max Braun (FU Berlin) & Thomas Mellewigt (FU Berlin): When Do Women on Corporate Boards Lead to More Financial Misrepresentation? 

26.01.2018: Leslie Robinson (Dartmouth College): Negotiated Tax Heavens

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