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From Science to Innovation: Creating perspectives for early-career researchers

24.06.2020 | 18:00
Researchers Entrepreneurs June 2020

Researchers Entrepreneurs June 2020

Early-career researchers, including PhD students and postdocs, are the epitome of "high potentials", setting the trajectory for groundbreaking insights and outstanding innovation.

Researchers Entrepreneurs is back with an interactive online session with two guests reflecting on their career and experiences across research environments: industry and academia. We discuss where institutions and research environments may currently fail to provide necessary support to early-career researchers and seek solutions for these shortcomings.

David Garfield has been a Postdoc at EMBL in Heidelberg and PI at Humboldt University of Berlin before entering Bayer Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Research Scientist in January 2020.

Giuseppe Gallone has worked at University of Oxford and Wellcome Sanger Institute in UK before switching to Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and recently Bayer Pharmaceuticals in December 2019.

Moderated by Professor Hannes Rothe (Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, FU Berlin), we will discuss challenges of early-career researchers on the bridging academia and industry. The discussion will put individual careers into the center of perspective.