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Upcoming Events

From Science to Innovation: Creating perspectives for early-career researchers

Early-career researchers, including PhD students and postdocs, are the epitome of "high potentials", setting the trajectory for groundbreaking insights and outstanding innovation. Researchers Entrepreneurs is back with an interactive online session with two guests reflecting on their career and experiences across research environments: industry and academia. We discuss where institutions and research environments may currently fail to provide necessary support to early-career researchers and seek solutions for these shortcomings.

24.06.2020 | 18:00

Towards Health Futures: Digital Innovation, Infrastructures, and Entrepreneurship on Bio Data

In this workshop, we seek to understand this destabilizing character of the conjunction between “the byte” and “the gene” – digitization and biology for health futures. We do this through the lenses of  digital infrastructure, innovation, and digital entrepreneurship   towards health futures . Besides discussing submissions from our participants, we have invited keynotes to give talks in the in the intimate atmosphere of our workshop. They include Professors  Brian Pentland  from the University of Michigan and Klaus Lindgard Hoyer (University of Copenhagen),  Jason Mellad  (CEO of Start Codon, a new bio accelerator from the UK),  Jessica Vamathevan  (Head of Strategic Partnerships at the European Bioinformatics Institute) and  Viola Bronsema  (Head of Bio Deutschland, sector association for the biotech industry in Germany). In addition, we will meet  digital health & bio start-ups  and innovation managers from corporates, including  AstraZeneca . The two-day workshop will be held at the Einstein Center Digital Future in Berlin (Germany). 

07.03.2019 - 08.03.2019