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Exploring Data Literacy (LEON)

The projects studies the development of digital literacy through means of digital education.

The sub-project "Exploring Data Literacy" is part of the BMBF-funded project LEON. Professors Rothe and Amberg uncover the technical-didactic opportunities for interdisciplinary mediation in the context of Data Science Education, Data Knowledge, Data Literacy, and Data knowledge. This entails knowledge, skills, and competences that learners need in order to succesfully participate in the future labour markets. 
Following Design Science Research methodology, professores Rothe and Amberg design an online course for educating data literacy to bachelor students in business administration in the first place. Acquiring the necessary preconditions to work with data as well as hands-on experience in working with Python are part of this online course. The course will supplement the "introduction to information systems" curriculum in the future.

The BMBF-funded project LEON (Learning Environments Online) develops and tests technical-didactic concepts, interdisciplinary research and development activities to be derived from the increasing digital networking.