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Educational Service Engineering

Based upon methods and concepts of educational service engineering, we seek to understand the antecedents for developing an entrepreneurial mindset and finally becoming a digital entrepreneur. Educational service engineering studies the means and ends of technology in education, both from a conceptual as well as a design science research perspective. It takes a holistic stand, as it incorporates didactica, economical and technical aspects. Knowledge from different interdisciplines, such as software and service engineering (information systems), as well as service management and service science are integrated.

We seek to continually improve our understanding of the educational ecosystem, as we develop new learning scenarios or novel tools for students and educators (see Fink et al. 2013). We do this, with multiple target groups in mind, however focusing on interdisciplinary formats in particular.

For this reason, professor Rothe is engaged in coordinating entrepreneurship education since 2013. During that timespan 11 courses have been developed, which led FU Berlin to about 18 entreprenuership courses in total (see https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/de-hub). As part of this activity, we focused more and more on science-based ventures as we coordinate the relationship to the Postdocs-to-Innovators Network for FU Berlin. To further support science-based ventures across disciplines, we use methods of educational service engineering to develop an online course: Post_DocsVenture (with funding from the excellence strategy).

Together with professor Amberg and the Center for Digital Services at FU Berlin, we explore data literacy as we study the development of digital literacy through means of digital education. This subproject is part of the BMBF-funded project LEON.

Finally, we reflect opportunities and challenges in the educational sector, such as looking into future value offers from universities in the face of "life long learning" and their role in rapidly changing educational ecosystems (i.e., Rothe & Steier 2017, or listen to a Podcast in German from a speech at the Gabal group). As usage data from learners and educators gets more and more accessible, we set another focus on the design and imporvement of methods, instantiations, and concepts for a databased Educational Service Engineering (see Rothe et al. 2014, Weber & Rothe 2016, Rothe et al. 2016, Rothe 2016).

Person of contact: Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe

Office for Postdoctoral Affairs at University of Cambridge, Universität Innsbruck, University of Glasgow, BP, Shell

Dahlem Research School, Center for International Cooperation, L3T, Profund Innovation, Cedis, Competence Center E-Commerce (Prof. Dr. Martin GerschProf. Dr. Peter WeberProf. Dr. em. Roland Gabriel)

Associated Projects

  • Business administration for veterinary medicine, funded by Cedis, KELDAT and Volkswagen Stiftung (finished)
  • Entrepreneurial Network University, funded by German Ministry of Energy and Economics, and European Union (until 03/2018)