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Prof. Dr. Hannes Rothe

Hannes Rothe

Juniorprofessor for Educational Service Engineering und IT-Entrepreneurship

Department of Information Systems

School of Business & Economics


Garystr. 21
Raum 311 (2nd floor)
14195 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 838 4 52245


Sprechzeiten: Mittwoch 13-14 Uhr (um vorherige Anmeldung wird gebeten)


2012 - 2015
Freie Universität Berlin
Doctor in Economics at department of information systems (Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch & Prof. Dr. Jan Ehmke)
Dissertation: "Educational Service Improvement Cycle: Ein Vorgehen zur Analyse von Nutzungsdaten für die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung webbasierter Lernservices"

2010 - 2012
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Master of Science in Management

2007 - 2010
Freie Universität Berlin
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

2004 - 2007
Ostsee-Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG
Apprenticeship to publishing assistant ("Verlagskaufmann")


Professional experience

since 04-2017 to 03-2023
Freie Universität Berlin
Juniorprofessor for Educational Service Engineering und IT-Entrepreneurship
(successful mid-term evaluation in 2020)

08-2018 bis 09-2018
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Research visit (invited by Office of Postdoctoral Affairs)

03-2015 bis 04-2015
Technical University Graz, Austria
Research visit

2012 - 2017
Freie Universität Berlin
Research Associate (pre- and postdoc) at professorship Gersch / Department of information systems
Coordinator Entrepreneurship Education at Entrepreneurial Network University

2010 - 2012
Ruhr University Bochum
Student assistant in information systems

Seit 2009
Ourbaku e.V.
(Knowledge management platform about the history of Baku)
Founding and executive member

2009 - 2010
Freie Universität Berlin
Student assistant in information systems

Jüdische Presse gGmbH, Berlin
Sales assistant

Ostsee-Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG, Rostock
Employee in advertising

2004 - 2007
Ostsee-Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG, Rostock
Apprentice to publishing assistant

Current offer

Technology Entrepreneurship (M.Sc. Computer Science, since winter term 2018/19, English)

IT Entrepreneurship (M.Sc. Information Systems, since winter term 2015/16, English)

Systems Engineering (B.Sc. Business Administration, since summer term 2019, German)

Service Engineering (M.Sc. Information Systems, summer term 2013 to 2016 and summer term 2020, German)

Project on information management (M.Sc. Information Systems, each winter term)

DRS Pro Transfer (All doctoral students and postdocs, since winter term 2016/17, English)

former offer

Introduction to Information Systems (B.Sc. BWL, winter term 2018/19, German)

Business Intelligence (M.Sc. Information Systems, summer term 2017 an 2018, German)

Fallstudien im internationalen Lernnetzwerk (B.Sc. BWL, ABV, since winter term 2012/13, English)

Informationsmanagement (B.Sc. BWL, summer term 2012 to summer term 2013, German)

Research interest:

  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Infrastructures & Ecosystems
  • Organizing Data & Knowledge

Roles at FU Berlin:


Member of AIS (Association of Information Science)

Member of VHB (Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaftslehre): WK WI und WK DLM

Member of GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik)

Member of Towards Health Futures Community

Journal Publications

Taeuscher, K., & Rothe, H. (2020). Optimal distinctiveness in platform markets: Leveraging complementors as legitimacy buffers. Strategic Management Journal. [A]

Rothe, H.; Wessel, L.; Barquet, A. B., Accumulating Design Knowledge: A Mechanisms-based Approach. In Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 21.3 (2020): 1. [A]

Wessel, L., Davidson, E., Barquet, A. P., Rothe, H., Peters, O., & Megges, H. Configuration in smart service systems: A practice‐based inquiry. Information Systems Journal (ISJ)29(6), 1256-1292, 2019. [A]

Fürstenau, D., Rothe, H. & Sandner, M. Leaving the Shadow: A Configurational Approach to Explain Post-identification Outcomes of Shadow IT Systems. Bus Inf Syst Eng (2020). [B]

von Briel, F., Recker, J., Selander, L., Hukal. P., Jarvenpaa, S., Yoo, Y., Lehmann, J., Chan, Y., Rothe, H., Alpar, P., Fürstenau, D., Wurm, B. (2020) . "Researching Digital Entrepreneurship: Current Issues and Suggestions for Future Directions." Communications of the Association for Information Systems: CAIS. [C]

Furstenau, D.; Rothe, H.; and Sandner, M., Shadow systems, risk, and shifting power relations in organizations. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 41. 2017. [C]

Kooper, A.; Furstenau, D.; Zimmermann, S.; Klotz, S.; Rentrop, C.; Rothe, H.; Strahringer, S.; and Westner, M., Shadow IT and Business-Managed IT: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical IllustrationInternational Journal of IT/Business Alignment and Governance (IJITBAG), 9(2): 19. 2018.   [C equivalent]

Schweighofer, P., Weitlaner, D., Ebner, M., & Rothe, H. (2019). Influential factors for technology-enhanced learning: professionals’ views. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning.

Weber, P., & Rothe, H. (2016). Social networking services in e-learning. International Journal on E-Learning15(2), 259-279.

Rothe H., Sundermeier J,. Gersch M. (2014). Analyzing Interactivity in Asynchronous Video Discussions. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Designing and Developing Novel Learning Experiences (LNCS). Springer International Publishing, pp 226–237.

Selected Conference Publications

Fuerstenau, D.; Rothe, H.; Baiyere, A.; Schulte-Althoff, M.; Masak, D.; Schewina, K.; and Anisimova, D., "Growth, Complexity, and Generativity of Digital Platforms: The Case of Otto.de", International Conference on Information Systems (2019). [A]

Rothe, H.; Jarvenpaa, S., L.; and Penninger, A. A., How do entrepreneurial firms appropriate value in bio data infrastructures: an exploratory qualitative study. In Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), 2019. Awarded by Claudio Ciborra Award for most innovate paper 2019 [B]

Rothe, H.; Täuscher, K.; and Basole, R., C., Competition between platform ecosystems: a longitudinal study of MOOC platforms. In Twenty-Sixth European Conference on Information Systems, 2018. [B]

Schweighofer, P.; Weitlaner, D.; Ebner, M.; and Rothe, H., Influential factors for technology-enhanced learning: professionals’ views Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning, 2019.

Fürstenau, D.; Anisimova, D.; Masak, D.; Rothe, H.; and Schulte-Althoff, M., The Digital Platform Otto. de: A Case Study of Growth, Complexity, and Generativity. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2019. [C]

Rothe, H.; and Steier, F., Shaping the Boundaries of a Service Ecosystem: The Case of UdacityIn Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2017. [C]

see all under https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hannes_Rothe2/contributions

Awards & Nominations

2019: Winner of the Claudio Ciborra Award at ECIS 2019 for most innovative paper, together with Sirkka Jarvenpaa & Anna Penninger

2016: Runner-up Best Paper Award at AMCIS 2016 for "Shadow IT, Risk, and Shifting Power Relations in Organizations"

2014: Winner of ICT Special Prize (sponsored by SAP) at Research to Market Challenge with ISnet
Runner-up Claudio Ciborra Award at ECIS 2014 for "Shadow IT systems: discerning the good and the evil"

2011 & 2013: Runner-up National Internet Prize Azerbaijan in the category Azerbaijan with www.ourbaku.com

2012: Winner Outstanding Paper Award at E-LEARN 2012 for "Social Networking Services in E-Learning" 

Winner of 8th round of 5x5000 Competion at Ruhr University Bochum for the project "Social Learning – Einsatz von sozialen Netzwerken in der Lehre"

Selection of invited Speeches



Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS), Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), Electronic Markets (EM), Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE), Systems, Signs & Actions  (SYSIAC), Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwickllung (ZFHE), International Journal for Innovation and Quality and in Learning (INNOQUAL)


2021: American Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS, track chair: "AI applications in digital innovation and entrepreneurship")

2020: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS, AE), Hawaii Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS. Track Chair for "Platforms and Ecosystems", Track Chair for "Diversity in Digital Innovation"), Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI, Track Chair for "Creating value through digital innovation in health care", AE), European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

2019: Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI, AE), International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS, AE), Hawaii Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS), European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS, AE)

2018: MKWI 2018 (Track Chair for "E-Learning und Educational Service Engineering", PC in den Tracks "Smart Services" und "Social Media Analytics"), International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS, PC member PractDID), IEEE CBI 2018 (PC member Information Management), European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Hawaii Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS)

2017: Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI, AE), International Conference on Information Systems(ICIS, PC member PractDID)

2016: European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), American Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 24. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Medien in der Wissenschaft (GMW), Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI), Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)

2015: Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI), European MOOC Stakeholder Summit (EMOOCS)

2014: European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

2013: Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI), European MOOC Stakeholder Summit (EMOOCS)

2012: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI).

Public videos and e-lectures