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Post_DocsVenture (an online course for Science-based Entrepreneurs)

Post_DocsVenture is an online course for doctoral students and postdocs interested in starting a science-based venture. The online course familiarize PhDs and postdocs with terms, concepts and methods of the startup world, while also offering them a new perspective on their own academic activities.

Post_DocsVenture leads participants step-by-step through a process of developing a business models. This leads them from formulating their own idea to a full venture project plan. While successful science-based founders and entrepreneurship coaches guide the participants in their way, the course supports researchers to make their own decisions on how to achieve their personal goals.

The project is supported by funding from the excellence strategy and the Dahlem Research School. Additional support has been granted by the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft der Freunde, Förderer und Ehemaligen der Freien Universität e. V.

Person of contact: Alisa FluhrerProf. Dr. Hannes Rothe

Dahlem Research School, Center for International Cooperation, Ernst-Reuter Gesellschaft, Profund Innovation

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