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Guidelines for the assignment of Bachelor and Master theses

Within the scope of the subjects supervised by the chair, we supervise empirical, theoretical, as well as theory-based practical work. If you have appropriate cooperation partners, please inform us of your proposal in your application. You are also welcome to suggest your own topics. However, the chair will only assign a topic after a confirmation of supervision.

Theses can be written in German or English.

For a successful application, participation in the finalist training in the economics library is mandatory (Finalistenschulung). Proof of participation must be provided by the time the thesis is registered.

For the winter semester the application deadline is October 15th.

For the summer semester, please submit your application by April 15.

If you are interested in a bachelor thesis at our professorship (first preference), please note the following points:

  1. During the Corona time, please send your signed application form and relevant documents (in PDF form) to Mr. Ruidong Zhu (ruidong.zhu@fu-berlin.de), taking into account the registration deadlines mentioned above. During normal time, please hand in your application form and documents directly to the chair during opening hours.
  2. Please enclose a current grade overview using the transcript of records, which you can print out from Campus Management.
  3. You will be informed of your acceptance or rejection via e-mail by the end of October or the end of April. If you are accepted, you will be informed by your supervisor, who will arrange an initial meeting with you.
  4. During the first meeting with your supervisor, you will discuss your assignment and receive introductory literature references. You will also fill in the official form for registering your thesis together and clarify any open organizational questions. By the next individually arranged meeting, you will outline the structure of your thesis and develop search terms for a targeted and systematic literature search for discussion with your supervisor.
  5. The completion time of a Bachelor thesis is twelve weeks (according to the new study regulations of 2017) or eight weeks (according to the old study regulations of 2012).
  6. Please submit your thesis in duplicate form to the examination office by the appropriate deadline. Please also enclose a CD-ROM or USB stick containing your thesis in digital format.
  7. In case of illness, please inform the examination office and your responsible supervisor. In any case, you will need a medical certificate.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Dr. Silja Hartmann (contact person for the master thesis): silja.hartmann@fu-berlin.de

Ruidong Zhu (contact person for the bachelor thesis): ruidong.zhu@fu-berlin.de