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Principles of Marketing (GPP)

Introduction and Dates & Times

Module: 4 contact hours, 5 credits
  • This module is concieved as an e-learning based project seminar consisting of contact, team and online segments, that must all be absolved in the same semester. For the group work, multiple alternate dates will be offered.

  • To enroll, register for the course with the Campus Management system between October 4th and 14th of 2011 (Note: there is a participant-limit).

  • During the first contact period of the semester, the teams will be assigned and bound to one of the different times (see bottom). Personal preferences are taken into account as is possible.



Info Box
Period offered:
Portfolio test:
Participant limit:
Every semester
150h / semester
Exam (60 min.) + up to 5 team assignments, 500 words each
Max. 120 students
Prof. Dr. Gersch, Dr. Ilka Griese
Research Associates: Benjamin Schulte
Teaching Assistants: N.N.


Content Overview:
Sample course themes, as well as one case study

  • Marketing terminology
  • Firms and markets
  • Unique attributes of investment and service goods 
  • Strategic business areas
  • Strategic marketing
  • Portfolio, competitor and SWOT analyses
  • Trade theories and competitive advantages
  • Operational marketing
  • Product, distribution, communication and price politics
  • Electronic marketing


Dates & times for this course (winter semester 2011/2012):

  • Everyone (starting 17.10.):
    Mon 12 - 2 pm  - Garystr. 21, Hs 102
  • Workgroups (starting 24.10., group allocation on the first day):
    Mon 2 - 4 pm - Garystr. 21, Hs 101 and Hs 104a
    Mon 4 - 6 pm
     - Garystr. 21, Hs 104a
    Tue 10 - 12 am - Garystr. 21, Hs 105



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Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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