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How to apply for thesis supervision

If you are interested in writing your Bachelor's or Master’s thesis with the Junior Professorship of Management & Diversity, please get in touch with Professor Weiss prior to applying for thesis supervision. Your thesis should center around one of the following topics: 

  • Employee Attitudes and Behavior
  • Status, Power and Leadership 
  • Team processes and Team performance 
  • Diversity Management 
  • High Reliability Organizations (e.g., hospitals)
  • Technology Implementation and its Challenges
  • Organizational Culture 

Please note that students are required to have participated in the course Literaturrecherche für Finalisten des Fachbereichs Wirtschaftswissenschaft offered by the Library of Economics prior to the thesis registration. Providing evidence of the successful participation is mandatory before officially registering a thesis written with the Junior Professorship of Management.

Please comply with the following instructions when applying for thesis supervision with the Junior Professorship of Management being your first preference (i.e., does not apply if this professorship is not your first choice):

  1. Applications to the professorship of your first preference need to be submitted no later than April 15th for theses to be written in the summer term and no later than October 15th for theses to be written in the winter term, respectively. Bachelor thesis completion is 12 weeks (new study regulations from 2017) or 10 weeks (previous study regulations from 2012). Master thesis completion is 4 months.
  2. Please demonstrate your motivation in writing your thesis with the Junior Professorship of Management and Diversity by describing your own research interests and how they fit the research portfolio of Prof. Weiss. 
  3. Please download your program’s application form here. In an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), applications for supervision are only accepted electronically at the moment. Thus, please fill in and sign the application form and then send a scanned version via email to Professor Weiss.
  4. When electronically handing in your application form, please also attach both a Curriculum Vitae and a current transcript of records documenting your grades and credits. You can access this overview using Campus Management.
  5. Both acceptances and rejections for thesis supervision will be sent out by the end of April for theses to be written in the summer term and by the end of October for theses to be written in the winter term, respectively.
  6. If you are accepted for your thesis being supervised by the Junior Professorship of Management, you will discuss the specific topic of your thesis with Professor Weiss. She will then prepare and submit the official registration to the Prüfungsbüro.
  7. In a first discussion with Professor Weiss, you will specify the details of your topic and talk about possibilities for data collection (it is mandatory that Master students recruit working professionals from the field). Please note that while qualitative investigations are possible, quantitative papers will be preferred. After this first meeting, you will be asked to prepare a three-page proposal, in which you summarize the research question, theoretical background, planned data collection, and literature. 
  8. Please download the guidelines for writing scientific papers here. Note that APA-citation style (7th version) is used at the Professorship for Management & Diversity as the standard for all scientific papers.
  9. Please submit two versions of your Bachelor or Master thesis to the Prüfungsbüro and send a digital copy directly to Professor Weiss.