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Researchers become Entrepreneurs in Cambridge & Glasgow

Team MicroMe

Venture Creation Weekend - Team MicroMe
Bildquelle: Judge Business School on Flickr

Team BalGen

Venture Creation Weekend - Team BalGen
Bildquelle: Judge Business School on Flickr

Enterprise Fair in Glasgow

Enterprise Fair on Biotech in Glasgow
Bildquelle: Hannes Rothe

Following the invitation of the Postdocs-to-Innovators Network (P2I), six scientists and two members of the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub went to Cambridge and Glasgow. They participated in the Venture Creation Weekend on Genomics and the Enterprise Fair on Biotech. The team of the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub were part of the winning teams at both events.

News vom 23.11.2018

Venture Creation Weekend #VCW on Genomics at Judge Business School Cambridge

Dr. Olga Makorova, microbiologist from faculty of veterenary medicine, Alisa Fluhrer, and Professor Hannes Rothe participated successfully at the Venture Creation Weekend on Genomics in Cambridge. Each one joint a team of scientists to create a venture idea on genomics within 50 hours. The participation was an extraordinary experience, thanks to the organizers from Cambridge Judge Business SchoolIllumina, the mentors, and the judges. This includes Hanadi JabadoSayara ThompsonVincent SmithStephen ParkesMichael AnsteyJo Mills and many others - great work!

Professor Rothe joined a team of inspiring people such as Golnoush Golshirazi, Lukasz Ciszewski, Ryan Jones, and Alby Joy and came out 2nd place - which is a great achievement for the team! More then that, MicroMe ( www.microme.app ) has developed into great service. We help first time parents with nutritional advise to develop their child to the best of their abilities. We do this on the basis of microbiom data from the mother and the child and provide concrete as well as ongoing recommendations in our app. Parents not only learn what to buy, but also where - with a tip of their fingers.

Enterprise Fair on Biotech in Glasgow

Following #VCW, a group of four scientists from Freie Universität - including bio chemistry, veterinary medicine, and biology - joined about 40 postdocs from across Europe as well as the team from the Digital Entrepreneurship Hub for a three-days Enterprise Fair. The Enterprise Fair in Glasgow focussed on Biotech and healthcare. Supported by founders, BioCity - a UK-based accelerator, and AstraZeneca, we learned about createing a lean startup in biotech. Finally, the teams developed business models from their research in teams. Alisa Fluhrer (Digital Entrepreneurship Hub) was a crucial part for the winning team.

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