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Talks on scaling digital innovations in Santa Barbara, Cambridge, and Cologne

Talk with Sirkka Jarvenpaa in Cambridge

Talk with Sirkka Jarvenpaa in Cambridge

In recent weeks, professor Rothe has held multiple invited speeches and participated in academic discussions on scaling digital innovations.

News vom 11.11.2019

In mid October, professor Rothe travelled to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara to discuss his work with colleagues from around the world. In the following week, he travelled to Cologne to meet with the group of professor Jan Recker to engage in discussions on scaling Artificial Intelligence ventures.

Together with his colleague from University of Texas at Austin, Sirkka Jarvenpaa, he was invited by ELIXIR to give a speech on scaling bio data ventures at the Wellcome Genome Campus of the European Bioinformatics Institute and University of Cambridge. This latest talk was recorded and can be viewed here.

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