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Conference Papers

Leblebici Huseyin:  
Sydow Jörg and Schreyögg Georg: Organizational Path Dependence: Opening the Black Box
Jackson Gregory:  
Oliver Amalya:  
Stark David: Reflexivity and Systemic Risk in Quantitative Finance
Berthod Olivier: Path Dependence Versus Institutionalization: Similarities and Discrepancies at Stake
Dutta Devkamal: Path Dependence, VRIN Resource Endowments, and Managers:Towards an Integration of Resource-Based Theory and Upper Echelons Theory
Ennen Edgar: The impact of complementarities between organization and strategy on the performance of law firms
Herranz Joaquín: The A, B, C’s of Self-reinforcing Processes in Network Resiliency: Adapting, Bouncing Back, and Coping
James Matrecia S.L.: Understanding the Self-Reinforcement Process
Kirchner Stefan: Organizational Identities and Institutions: The Influence of Multilevel Path Dependence on Organizational Change and Stability.
Koch Jochen: Strategic path dependence: Introducing the distinction between mechanism and pattern inscription
Kominek Jasmin: Analysing the path of “using cyclical patterns for interpreting the situation“– a different approach using path dependency theory
Lai Alexandra: The Neglected Role of Power and Politics in the Path Creation Process
Lambert Neil J.: Comparative Institutional Advantage and the Global Ceramic Industry: A Historical Analysis of the Stoke-on-Trent Ceramic Tableware Cluster.
Levine Sheen S.: When and Where Can Institutionalization Occur? The Case of Price Bubbles in Financial Markets
Mendelski Martin: The possibilities and limitations of institutional complementarities in explaining post-communist diversity
Monneraud Lise: Self-reinforcing processes within the French health system: multiples forms and factors of path dependence
Petermann Arne: Modelling paths of institutional change in organizations
Peters Benjamin: Reconstructing Human-Computer Compatibility in Cold War Cybernetics and Social Sciences: A Play in Two Acts and an Intermission
Rifkin William D.: “Why should I listen to you?” SelfReinforcing Processes in the Negotiation of Expert Status 
Rixen Thomas and
Viola Lora:
Uses and Abuses of the Concept of Path Dependence: Notes to-ward a Clearer Theory of Institutional Change
Schoeneborn Dennis: Analyzing the Constitutive Conditions for a Self-Energizing Effect of CSR Standards: An Explorative Case Study on the "Equator Principles".
Whitford Andrew B.: Path Dependence and Adaptive Processes among Public Agencies


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