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Research Programs

Preventing Corporate Misconduct

In this seminar series researchers present their current work on corporate misconduct and how it can be reined in. Corporate misconduct occurs when firms violate rules or expectations that are legally or socially enforced. Despite stricter regulation and growing awareness, corporate misconduct continues to occur frequently, causing significant costs to society (health or environmental harm, aggressive tax planning/evasion, human rights abuses, financial fraud, and corruption).

The seminar is jointly organized by the FACTS and the Management & Marketing Department, and the Freie Universität Empirical Legal Studies Center (FUELS).

Berlin Study Group on Corporate Responsibility

  • The meeting invites professors, post-doctoral and doctoral researchers to present and discuss our own work, as well as cross-cutting themes of mutual interest (e.g. particular theories, methods, etc.);
  • A “study group” based on mutual learning and interdisciplinary approach;
  • A broad-based initiative across Berlin universities and research institutes;
  • Monthly meeting of 2 hours during the teaching semester;
  • Each meeting involves the presentation and discussion of two papers, normally on a related theme.

Dahlem Lectures on FACTS

  • Lecture Series      in the Area of Finance, Accounting, Taxation & Supplements (FACTS)
  • Target Group: Practitioners, Scholars, and Students

Doctoral Candidate Seminars

  • Various chairs regularly offer doctoral candidate seminars focusing on various topics, many of them within the school’s doctoral programs: BDPEMS and DPBR
  • If you are interested in these seminars, please contact the relevant department or institute at the school to ask for information.

Research Workshop

  • A cross-chair event centering on presentation and discussion of preferably semi-finished products of research, such as internally and externally funded projects, excerpts from dissertation projects or manuscripts that are intended to lead at some point to a scholarly presentation or a relevant publication

  • Target group: researchers and scholars with a focus on business administration who wish to present their projects and discuss them with an interested audience

  • Every two weeks during the semester


  • Event series on management case studies, discussion of theory and practice
  • Students present a solution for the case, and prominent representatives of theory and practice comment on the suggested solutions from their respective perspectives
  • Hosting chair: Dr. G. Schreyögg, Professor


  • Presentation and discussion event on changing topics, with the general theme of “enterprise networks”
  • Chairs involved: Dr. Jörg Sydow, Professor, often in cooperation with Dr. Arnold Windeler, Professor (Institute of Sociology, TU Berlin)

Quantitative Economic Colloquium

  • Within the scope of the Quantitative Economic Colloquium, economic researchers, generally external ones, open up discussion of their own research work that deals with empirical issues or contributes to the methods used in the fields of statistics and econometrics. The colloquium is aimed at interested members of the school, doctoral candidates and students. It is held in German or English.

Research Seminar in Economics

  • Within the scope of the Research Seminar in Economics, economic researchers, generally external ones, open up discussion of their own research work. The Research Seminar in Economics is aimed at interested members of the      school, doctoral candidates and students, and is held in German or English.

  • Weekly presentations by external scholars and researchers on multifaceted current research topics in the field of economics

  • Target group: professors, employees, external doctoral candidates, interested and advanced students

Berlin Micro Theory Seminar

  • Weekly presentation of research papers with a focus on theoretical and applied microeconomics

  • Target group: researchers with a focus on microeconomics and interested doctoral candidates

"Economics and Politics" Seminar Series at the WZB (Berlin Social Science Center)

  • Forum for current topics in theoretical and applied microeconomics as well as political economy
  • A range of speakers with broad interests is included with the aim of fostering dialogue both within microeconomics and between economics and political science
  • Target group: scholars and researchers • For further information, please visit: http://www.wz-berlin.de/