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Paper accepted for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The critical role of team processes and team reflexivity in the emergence and prevention of racialized police violence

News vom 27.09.2022

Prof. Weiss has a new paper coming forth in the Journal "Industrial and Organizational Psychology".

In this paper, Prof. Weiss discusses racialized police violence as a key societal challenge. By adopting an action team perspective, she highlights the, thus far, neglected importance of team processes (e.g., pertaining to communication and coordination) as potential contributors to racialized police violence. Similar to other action teams (e.g., surgical teams, cockpit crews), police teams need to adapt to unexpected, complex, and highly dynamic contexts not just individually but also as a team. Prof. Weiss points out how group-level processes (e.g., conformity pressures, groupthink, failure to speak up) may exacerbate racial bias and lead to fatal assaults. She proposes team trainings (e.g., simulation-based training, team reflexivity) as useful interventions to surface and change maladative team processes in order to prevent racialized police violence.

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