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New Paper in Press at Frontiers in Psychology

Mona Weiss publishes new study on the effects of voice in health care teams.


Research Seminar "Teamprozesse beobachten und verstehen"

Applications for the research seminar "Teamprozesse beobachten und verstehen" are now open 


New paper in press at the Journal of Vocational Behavior

Tough Times at the Top: Occupational Status Predicts Changes in Job Satisfaction in Times of Crisis


Paper accepted for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The critical role of team processes and team reflexivity in the emergence and prevention of racialized police violence


New Paper forthcoming in the Journal of Organizational Behavior

All Set in Stone? How Essentialist Beliefs About Aging Affect Older Workers’ Motivation to Continue Working Beyond Retirement Age


New Paper forthcoming in Journal of Vocational Behavior

Why and When Does Voice Lead to Increased Job Engagement? The Role of Perceived Voice Appreciation and Emotional Stability.