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New Paper forthcoming in Journal of Vocational Behavior

Why and When Does Voice Lead to Increased Job Engagement? The Role of Perceived Voice Appreciation and Emotional Stability.

News vom 15.11.2021

Prof. Weiss has a new paper on the motivational consequences of employee voice behavior (i.e., speaking up with problems) in organizations. In collaboration with Prof. Hannes Zacher (Leipzig University), Prof. Weiss investigated more than 600 employees from a range of different industries (i.e., manufacturing, healthcare, service industry, administration) over a course of five months. The authors found that employees who spoke up with problems at work became more engaged with their work because they felt appreciated by others. This relationship was moderated by emotional stability as an important personality trait: Emotionally stable employees were more likely to perceive appreciation for their voice behavior than emotionally unstable employees. This research is forthcoming in the Journal of Vocational Behavior which is one of the most prestigeous journals in the field of organizational behavior and work and organizational psychology (IF: 6.0). 

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