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IT-Entrepreneurship highlighted by Entrepreneurship Education Monitor



This years Entrepreneurship Education Monitor for MINT studies in Eastern Germany refers to the course IT-Entrepreneurship as an exemplary example for a particularly high integration of entrepreneurial activities in a study program. 

News vom 29.06.2018

IT-Entrepreneurship has been offered since 2014 for master students in information systems and master students in computer science. On a yearly basis, five to seven student teams develop a business model and learn to iterate in fast paced cycles on its improvement. Until now, two companies have been founded by former students of this course: Whispeer and FrogoAD.

The Entrepreneurship Education Monitor is a large study by TU Ilmenau and Medien- und Kommunikationsmanagement, TU Ilmenau. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

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