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Professor Rothe gives invited speech about MOOC ecosystems at Stanford University

Professor Rothe @ Stanford University

Professor Rothe @ Stanford University

On Nov. 13th, Professor Rothe had the chance to talk at a conference with Media X Stanford about innovation ecosystems in #edtech, especially AI-based education. The presentation was given as part of a week-long travel to the Bay Area, including meetings with the research group "Innovation Ecosystem Network", Stanford University, and UC Berkeley.

News vom 17.11.2017

He shared his insights into MOOC platforms, such as Udacity, and gave an overview on how their pertaining ecosystems evolved in the last couple of years. The outstanding event brought inspiring speakers together. Bruce McCandliss compared artificial with natural intelligence and presented a way to simulate learning processes. This may be a new way of evaluating #edtech using simulation instead of student experiments in the future. One mayor theme arised around 'ecosystem intelligence'. Walter W. Powell presented how, in comparison, BioTech clusters grew in the US. Rahul Basole, PhD contrasted it with a couple of startup ecosystems. Together with Neil Rubens (PhD) and his view on cross-industry innovation (with www.sectormap.net), he proposed the according toolset. Single case studies of rising stars in Finnish #edtech by Kaisa Still, and global networks grown within 50 years of teaching one engineering class (by Tamara Carleton, Ph.D.) exemplified current developments in educational technologies. Finally, policy makers and investors gave a fireside chat about #edtech and AI.

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